STEM Challenge

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Teri's Weekly STEM Challenge

Join us weekly for new updates! This week's challenge: build a boat with a base no bigger than 31/2" x 5" (the size of a small notecard). Use either foil or styrofoam, up to 6 inches of tape, and scissors.

Try to see whose boat will hold the most penny passengers!!

For directions, click on the video to the left.

Send us pictures so we can post your progress, email Teri at:

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Arch STEM Challenge

Challenge Three

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Challenge Four

Boat STEM challenge.mp4

Challenge Five

Scratch Code Challenge

Watch this instructional video to code your own Scratch Video.

You will need to sign in:

Username: obreakthrough1

Password: smartlabone

Click on the Scratch logo on the left to sign in!!

Send me your projects and I'll post them on our site!!

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