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Sample Daily Schedule

"Screen Time", or time in front of a television, phone, iPad or computer should be limited to 2 hours a day. Factor that in when adding computer games to the schedule.

Your child's schedule

It is very important to set a schedule for your child to follow on a daily basis. If you set a schedule, it allows you to control the amount of time he or she is spending on certain activities and sets the pace for the day. It can also be used to help your child move from one activity to another. Also, make sure to set times for major daily activities as well (bed and wake up time, meals).

Please remember, the amount of time your child spends on one activity needs to be between 15-30 minutes. The younger your child is, the less time they tend to focus on one goal.

Flocabulary: Word Up!!

A free resource online for your kids to practice the vocabulary words that they are learning in school. Click here for the link!

Khan Academy

From daily schedules to daily work, Khan Academy is a parent resource that will add structure and educational challenge for all ages. Sign up by clicking here.

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